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Live Here


There is a reason our apartments are coveted by every New Yorker. All of our apartments are oversized and were built with families in mind. From the moment you enter, comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of every 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Warbasse home. Each apartment has a spacious foyer, ample closets, and spacious and sunny living rooms and bedrooms – and many have balconies with great views.


Warbasse is a completely self-contained community. Our 26.7 landscaped acres feature tall shade trees, lawns, flowerbeds, sitting areas, basketball courts and playgrounds with sprinklers. Other amenities include onsite shopping, fitness center, and senior center as well as 1,215 leased parking spaces.

Waiting List

Amalgamated Warbasse Houses has waiting lists for all of our apartments. If you are a new applicant, use this site as well as HCR’s website to get on the waiting list. We look forward to welcoming you to one of Brooklyn's most vibrant and exciting communities.

Shop Here

Looking for a few places to shop? Look no further! Right here at Warbasse we have a newly renovated Key Foods for your groceries.

Doctors, dentists, credit unions, a tax office and a senior center all call Warbasse home. Located a short distance away from each of the five buildings, Warbasse also has a shopping center on site that consists of a bank, a bakery, a pharmacy...


As members of the Warbasse Department of Public Safety, we recognize our responsibility to protect life and property, prevent crime, enforce laws and improve the quality of life for all residents of the community.

Maintaining security throughout our buildings is extremely important to us and we use several methods to ensure the safety of Warbasse residents and families.

The members of the Warbasse Department of Public Safety are committed to delivering quality services in response to our community's diverse needs.


“In my years as a store owner at Warbasse, I have had nothing but positive experiences working with the management team and serving the residents in the community. Management is readily available and quick to respond to all issues. Most important, our business is booming!”

“Good location, wonderful apartment, friendly people … My wife and I have been living at Warbasse for almost 6 years now and we love it here. Walking distance to the subway, great fitness center and convenient shopping. The management staff is friendly and really helpful. All I can say is that it’s the nicest place that you'll find in Brooklyn.”