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Board of Directors

Warbasse is administered by a thirteen member volunteer Board of Directors elected by the shareholders.  The Board of Directors is responsible for protecting the interests of the co-op, ensuring that current by-laws, policies and other regulations are adhered to, and managing the co-op’s financial resources.  Board members determine polices, when to upgrade and replace equipment, expand or add new services, and generally plan for the cooperative’s future needs.

While planning for the cooperative’s future is the responsibility of the Board, implementation is carried out through the Board-appointed General Manager and Management Office Staff.

The Board of Directors meets once a month.  Special meetings are held throughout the year when necessary.

Maintenance Office

The maintenance office provides a wide range of services for apartments and for the preservation of the buildings and grounds of Warbasse.  The Maintenance Director in charge of operations oversees a staff of porters and handymen who have a wide range of skills in plastering, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, and much more.  In addition to porters and handymen, a number of supervisory and support individuals contribute to the continuous upkeep and operation of the housing development.

The maintenance staff handles the repair of most co-op owned fixtures such as:  lights, cabinets, electrical switches and outlets, window balances and locks, convectors, faucets, and drains.  The labor costs for such repairs performed by maintenance staff are at no additional charge to cooperators.  However to maintain our overall-operating budget, the Board has approved charging cooperators, at cost, for items that must be repaired or replaced.

General Manager

The General Manager, appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the cooperative.  The General Manager directs a staff of over 100 employees in the areas of management, administration finance, maintenance, security and the powerhouse and has the direct responsibility to hire and fire staff in the aforementioned areas.  The General Manager must also foster harmonious relations among staff, the Board, and all cooperators.

The General Manager develops co-op business plans; makes routine financial decisions; recommends operating and capital expenditures; and represents the cooperative in business and community activities.  The Board provides direction and guidance to the General Manager through by-law provisions and written policies.

Assistant General Manager

The Assistant General Manager is first deputy to the General Manager and oversees capital projects, the co-op’s maintenance, custodian and security services.  The Assistant General Manager operates through a staff of managers with special skills.  The Assistant General Manager is also responsible for ordering all materials, tools and supplies.  Cooperators may meet with the Assistant during regular business hours to make suggestions to resolve problems with services.  It is best to schedule an appointment in advance by contacting the Management Office at (718) 266-9000.