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  • Do I need homeowner insurance?

    Every cooperator is required to carry a homeowner’s insurance policy, with a minimum of $300,000 property damage. It is the cooperators responsibility to see to it that they send a copy of their insurance policy or Certificate of Insurance to the management office on a yearly basis. Anyone who fails to submit insurance is considered a “Cooperator Not in Good Standing”.

  • Can I still rent tables & chairs?

    We are very sorry; Management no longer rents out chairs and tables for personal use.

  • How do I rent a community room?

    Residents may rent community rooms by contacting the management office at ext. 206. The cost of renting a community room is $200.00. A $200.00 damage deposit is all required and will be refunded after the party unless damages are incurred. Sweet sixteen parties are not permitted.

  • Do I need carbon monoxide detectors in my home?

    Warbasse is exempt from having carbon monoxide detectors installed in apartments since boilers do not exist in any of the buildings.

  • How do I get safety bars installed in my bathroom?

    Please inquire at the maintenance office. The cost is $30.00 for each bar installed. 

  • How do I get window guards?

    Please inquire at the maintenance office. Installed free of charge. 

  • How do I get my smoke alarms maintenanced?

    Please inquire at the maintenance office. Replacement batteries and repairs are free of charge!

  • How do I get my apartment’s bottom door lock replaced?

    Please contact maintenance department. Replacement bottom apartment door locks with two new keys installed costs $52.00. Sorry! Additional keys cannot be made.

  • How do I get my mailbox lock & keys replaced?

    Replacement mailbox locks with two keys cost $12. Additional keys can be made at a cost of $1.00. Please contact the maintenance office.

  • Where do I get an extra set of building keys?

    Additional keys available at Management Office at a cost of $3.00 a key. Can be billed to your account or check or money order. Sorry, no cash!